Gullah Geechee Tours in Charleston, South Carolina
Gullah Gullah Island Tours in Charleston

Weather you’re coming to Charleston or are already here, you’re undoubtedly marveled by the rich history of this beautiful city and there’s no better way to learn about Charleston’s history than with one of the city’s famous tours! If you’re looking into Gullah Geechee Tours, you’re on your way to learning a long-forgotten facet of history that lives on today.

  • This is not a slave tour
  • While some of the sites of Gullah Geechee Tours include the Underground Railroad, slave quarters, and other slave-related stops, Gullah Geechee Tours serves to tell the story of the Gullah Geechee. While they were enslaved, their culture is very unique.
  • Godfrey offers the real deal

Book a tour today, Buy Tickets Online!
Our tour guide, Godfrey, has Gullah Geechee in his blood. A Charleston native, Godfrey presents an unparalleled look into the factual, historical, and biblical side of the Gullah Geechee culture.


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