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"Charleston Tourist and Visitors Visiting the Holy City"

Charleston claims to be the beginning of the African American and explain in detail how they changed the cultural evolution of the slaves during the Charleston slave trade. In 1708 Charleston S.C. began the process of creating the African American. Charleston proves who the slaves were when they first arrived by slave ships and what their original nationality was when they first arrived by ship. Charleston goes on to describe how they changed their cultural evolution in order to create the “African American” as they are still nicknamed today. Charleston then makes the statement that the cultural evolutionary change they claim to have completed on the slaves is the process in the creation of the Gullah language. Charleston does not want the truth about what Gullah truly means to be revealed. (source: CVB website and the Charleston tour guide manual pg. 150)

Charleston’s only Native Gullah Historian reveals the ancient secrets of his Gullah people. The Gullah people are the actual blood descendants of the slaves that overloaded those slave ships as they flooded into the slave capital of the New World,"Charleston".

Godfrey of Gullah Geechee tours can still hear the voices of his ancestors. Godfrey allows his slave descendants to use him as their voice to speak their own truth out loud for the very first time in history. Godfrey and Gullah Geechee tours of Charleston offers the cities Only Authentic Gullah Historian. The true secrets and hidden history of these slaves that’s been heavily guarded until now, are finally being uncovered. Now you can hear the true stories of the slaves being told by their own flesh and blood. It’s not the same old story of the slave master telling their own perspective of the slave’s history, instead its the slaves voicing their own perspective for themselves. Freedom of speech is a new thing in the city of slavery. "Charleston only lost their certification yesterday".

Gullah Geechee Tours of Charleston along with Godfrey the Gullah Man​ is teaching about the slave history the city of Charleston has always denied to the public. Gullah Geechee tours of Charleston is the only place that’s revealing this ancient and sacred history. The Black African American Slave history that Charleston does not talk about is finally being made available for the world to see hear and feel.