Gullah is Life over Death

Gullah is Life over Death

I was walking along King Street late one evening and I met a man by the name of Michael. He is a very kind man of great character. He works hard everyday and he never asks anybody for anything. Michael works for everything he has and he gives away more than he takes in. Michael makes Sweetgrass Roses which is significant to the Gullah Geechee culture. The full significance of the Sweetgrass and the Bulrush is rarely talked about and most people have no idea of its true significance.

Remember Moses, the great prophet of the bible who was placed inside a Gullah Sweetgrass, Bulrush basket as a Hebrew Israelite baby? (Exodus 2:3) Moses was not from West Africa by the way and neither was his mother or any of his blood family.(hint hint) (Come on take a Gullah Geechee tour)

The Gullah culture of Sweetgrass basket weaving and sewing comes from Moses’s people, whoever they may be??? J

His mother prepared the bulrush basket just as the Gullah people still do to this very day at the Charleston Slave Auction Market and along side Meeting Street.

Michael is gifted at making Gullah Roses but what’s interesting about Mike is he gives all of his Gullah Roses away at no charge, for FREE. Sometimes people leave him a small tip but most often times they don’t. But that bothers me much more than it does him.

Mike has been homeless for many years but recently he moved into a small place with his lovely wife but; their burdens are still very heavy. Mike was just told by his doctors that he only has two months left to live. His professional doctors told Mike that his cancer is at a stage that has gone too far for them to do anything that would keep him alive. They gave him his death sentence and sent him to go on home and die. In the Gullah Geechee culture, cancer has NO victory over the SouL Man. Our Voodoo and Root doctors are so good at curing these so called terminal illnesses, that the government killed many of our Voodoo doctors they could find and they made sure to give our Voodoo healers a very bad reputation as well. The doctors that told Mike that he would be dead in 2 months do not know the God of the Gullah Geechee people. Our God Yah is the true Most High God. In our Gullah Geechee culture, we have always been curing all sorts of so called life threatening diseases and we do it by using the natural roots that grow from beneath the black dirt of mother earth. Our Voodoo and Root healing comes from natural means only. The doctors from the hospital tried to work their education trained magic by speaking death on Mike. Well they are about to learn that their medicine (Me-die-sin) has no healing powers but it does have many horrible side effects. (read the fine print)

The healing methods of the Gullah Geechee are tried and proven many times over, but you have to know how to find the people with the sacred knowledge of the spells and incantations of the Gullah culture.

Everyone please meet Michael. You are looking at a man who will not be dead within two months he will be alive. Our God is a mighty God and only He has the power to give Life and deliver Death.

Gullah is an action word of Love and Life. Our God has is a merciful God and a healing God. Our God Yah has already healed Mike and we will have another miracle story walking in our mist, right here in the Holy city. Boi Look Yah, Mike its your time to shine. Let’s go and “Get Our Gullah On” …. Stay tuned for the healing powers of Yah and the healing of Mike and his battle against the wicked devil named Cancer. We will be seeing another picture of Mike after his cancer has fully been conquered. He will not die but he will enjoy Life and he will live.

Gullah Geechee, Boi Look Yah.