Gullah Geechee Tours The Black International African American Slave History of Charleston, SC

Gullah Geechee Tours is here to finally bring the truth to the lost stories of the legendary slaves. The Legend of Lost Tribes can finally be revealed. Their truth has long been silenced. But now is the Time for The Veil to be Lifted up….

Everyone has heard about slavery. It’s the most popular history of all the world. With all its popularity, people are still curious to learn more about those mysterious captured slaves. One of the most interesting facts about slavery is the truth about slavery has never been revealed​, not until now.

First, the Portuguese then the Dutch controlled the wicked slave trade long before the British had its turn at the bloody mess. After watching and learning from the mistakes of the Portuguese and Dutch, the British learned and made some improvements. They figured out removing the slave’s true history and never allowing them to know who they truly were, would keep them locked in a mental slave state of mind: mental slavery. When the slaves entered the British controlled slave ships, they were immediately and violently forced into Christianity. Their original names were replaced with the cruel baptism of their Christian slave names that their descendants still carry with them till this very day.

The British taught never allow the slaves to know their true history as they were made to learn a false one. They were never allowed to speak in their native language or else they would be put to death. If the slaves were caught reading the pages of the holy bible, they would be killed in the front of all the other slaves as an example. Here in Charleston, the slaves were first made to see themselves as Africans and they could never refer to their original names. (source: Willie Lynch Letters)

The British always kept a tight watch on how and what they allowed their slaves to know about their bible because the truth about the slaves was hidden in their bible. This was done so that they would not be able to identify themselves when they heard stories being read about them in the bible. Only after the slaves fully identified as Africans were they allowed to hear the teachings of the English translated bible. Seeing themselves as Africans, their slave masters had no more worries about their slaves finding themselves in their own history book called the bible. The slaves were still not allowed to read the bible on their own. If the slaves gathered in groups of more than 6, at least one white male had to be present.

The British controlled the slave trade of yesterday and still control the educational system of today. The same people that enslaved the descendants of the slaves are still educating them today. This is why they do not teach their true history or Nationality. This is why black people of America have all been renamed, African American. Jessie Jackson created the nickname, “African American,” in Charlotte, NC in 1989.(source: Charlotte Observer news paper January 10, 1989)